Tuesday, March 17, 2015

How Three Hens Tied The Knot!

In keeping with the vintage wedding feature for our May show, we Hens recently sent out a “Save The Date” email announcement featuring photos from our wedding days. The response we received from you via email and Facebook was amazing, so we thought we would share a few more details from our (almost “vintage!”) 1970’s wedding days. 

Hen Kathy had a very traditional evening wedding on January 24, 1970. The wedding took place in a small redwood chapel on Treasure Island located in the San Francisco Bay. Her two idols at this time were John Wayne and Audrey Hepburn; she married “her” John Wayne and wore a purchased gown reminiscent of Audrey, high neckline and all! The reception was an elegant cocktail party for 150 people held in the islands Officers Club which provided with stunning views of the bay and nighttime San Francisco skyline. An accordionist strolled through the club providing soft romantic background music. Very traditional, very lovely. Kathy and Nick honeymooned in Yosemite. Kathy was 19 years old.

Susi spied a beautiful handmade dress in a dressmakers’ shop window while shopping on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. Going with her instincts and indubitable sense of style and creativity, Susi chose to have a wedding gown custom made. The top was made from an antique lace tablecloth and the skirt was made from silk. Her veil was a custom designed hood of tulle. Susi and Ken’s wedding took place on March 19, 1977 at St. James Church in Corona Del Mar with a dinner reception at the Sherman Library and Botanical Gardens. It was a very lovely affair enjoyed by the 150 in attendance. Susi and Ken honeymooned driving down the coast in an MGB with a surfboard tied on the back and then over to Yosemite. Susi was also 19 years old.

Carrie chose a beachside wedding in a gazebo on Laguna Beach on July 22, 1979. She and groom Dave had just purchased a brand new home and poured their savings into the house rather than an elaborate wedding. Carrie’s lovely wedding gown was a formal she had previously purchased topped by a beautiful see through shawl she made herself. The minister arrived at the gazebo on a motorcycle and preceded to dress in his pastoral robes right at his parking space! The small family reception was held at the famous Hotel Laguna. She and Dave honeymooned driving down the California coast. Following their honeymoon, Carrie and her new husband hosted an Open House reception for friends and family to celebrate their marriage and their new home purchase. Carrie was 21 years old.

Who says marrying young doesn’t work??

Thank you for your interest in hearing a bit more about our wedding days! We can’t wait to see you at the Paso Robles Event Center on May 2-3. Our fabulous show will be bigger than ever, and a special section of vendors will take part in our spring wedding feature: “Something Old, Something New: A Vintage Wedding Showcase!”

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