Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer Evening with Friends

Farmyard Friends
Hens and Goats

June 27, 2014, was a perfect summer night. The warm breeze softly danced through the majestic oak trees filling the air with the symphony of rustling leaves and bowing limbs.  The Hens and Goats, side by side, nibbled at the trough and sipped their wine. Wine? Hens and Goats together?

Yes, it was a perfect summer night when the Three Speckled Hens (Susi, Carrie, Kathy and IT Chick, Lettice) hosted the Goat Hill Fair gals (Cyndi, Shari and Donna) at Hen Susi's Willow Creek Farm. We really couldn't hear the symphony of rustling leaves due to the peals of laughter and clinking of wine glasses. Over pizza cooked in a wood burning oven there was swapping of ideas and encouragement between the proprietress' of the two best Antique & Vintage Shows in California.

With similar goals and the love of all things old, the Hens and Goats were a natural fit. Along with believing that with similar goals we could accomplish more by respecting each other's businesses rather than drawing that proverbial line in the sand, we promised to keep in touch and plan another get-together soon.  It couldn't have been a better summer night.

We are hoping that you are having a fun filled summer!

Susi, Carrie & Kathy