Monday, January 18, 2016

Organizing Tips from Three Speckled Hens

The front cover of every publication on the racks right now screams, “Organize, Downsize, Clean Out and Start Fresh!” Some of us may look at those titles and inwardly scream, “No, never!” Does that make us hoarders? Heck no! We are collectors!

Dominos, whiskbrooms, vanity dolls, seashell boxes, doorstops... they are all great things to collect. So in our attempts to help you combat the feeling of clutter in the new year, here are our best tips for organizing your beloved collections.

Tip #1
It’s a common perception that three or five of anything makes a collection but any more than ten or fifteen is an obsession and difficult to display. That is not always the case. The rule of thumb is to display like things together. Three or four vintage egg beaters in an antique crock may create a cute display, but twelve vintage egg beaters hanging from the beam in the kitchen or strung across the kitchen window brings a wow-factor that definitely makes a statement!

Tip #2
Rather than looking at the first of the year as a time to clean out and downsize, try taking a fresh new look at your collections and figure out a new way to display them. Move your collection to another room or display them in an unusual way.

Tip #3
Start a new collection! We are always discovering unique items at the shows we visit throughout the year. There is no better motivator to organize than having a new collection that you want to display! We love how inspired we feel when we look at our new collections; it truly motivates us in many other aspects of life as well.

Below are some photos of Hen Kathy's personal collections that we hope will inspire you to follow these great tips. We wish you a very happy, prosperous and organized New Year. We cannot wait to see what is in store for 2016!

Blue Willow China
Antique Pincushion Dolls
Silhouette Collection
Vintage Crocks