Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Vendor Spotlight: Sally Sharkey

We simply can’t believe that our May show takes place in 4 DAYS! We cannot wait to see you in Paso Robles and to provide you with the opportunity to discover the treasures of a lifetime. If you would like to purchase tickets in advance online, there is still time to do so until Friday May 1st. Otherwise, we’ll see you when you buy tickets in line at the gate!

Today’s Vendor Spotlight features our wonderful dealer Sally Sharkey. Sally has been a long-time vendor at our show and always brings the most fabulous items. When she is not at a Three Speckled Hens show, Sally can be found selling her wares in Paso Robles at Reminisce Antiques. Be sure to follow the Reminisce Antiques Blog and Facebook Page in order to keep up with Sally and the other Reminisce Antiques dealers!

Hi Sally! Can you share your personal take on antique hunting and what you like to sell?

I'm a firm believer in living with what you love, without spending a fortune.  In this business I get to live with and sell what I love.  My taste runs from European treasures to rust, to repurposed; all of which grace my home and what I share while selling at the Three Speckled Hens Show and in Reminisce Antiques in Paso Robles, CA. In the three photos below, you can see samples of my booth space at previous Three Speckled Hens shows.


What type of pieces can be found in your own home?

I love outdoor architectural pieces inside the house. You can see this in the first photo below showing the entrance to my home, which features a French picnic table, outdoor urn, and birdcage.  Meanwhile my $35 sofa table, lamps and mantle decor, plus the chandelier as seen in the mirror reflection, are all flea market and antique show and store finds.  In my dining room, I prefer a simple vignette in light colors. 

Here I am loading up for the new show on May 2nd. See you there!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Vendor Spotlight: Vintage Bliss

Did you know that we are only 10 DAYS away from the next Three Speckled Hens show and counting? We cannot wait to see you all at the Paso Robles Events Center on May 2 & 3. If you have not purchased your tickets yet, you still have time to Buy Tickets Online in order to avoid the crowds at our entrance on show weekend. We can’t wait for you to see all of our brand new vendors, find amazing treasures, enjoy our food trucks and beverages, and soak in the beautiful Central Coast scenery and sunshine!

Today’s Vendor Spotlight features the fantastic Amy Hendricks of Vintage Bliss. Amy founded her business in 2009, which features a gorgeous array of meticulously restyled antique and vintage goods. Based in our very own Paso Robles, California, Vintage Bliss is the perfect whimsical and feminine vendor that you’ve been searching for. Discover more by visiting the Vintage Bliss Facebook page. 

Hi Amy! When did you first become interested in antiques?

I have had a passion for restyling vintage furniture since I was a little girl. I was constantly wanting to redecorate my room...So my mother taught me how to paint furniture and we spent hours hunting through second hand stores and antique shops, in search of treasures. I have a passion for all things vintage. I love finding things that are old and broken down, and then recreating them into something new that someone will love and treasure in their home.

What do you like best about attending antique shows?

I love being a part of Three Speckled Hens Antique Show, it is such an amazing gathering of talented and creative vendors. It is fun chatting with the customers and hearing how they plan to use the pieces that they've purchased. I look forward to every show, and always try to make my displays more creative than the one before. Hope to see you at the show!!

Amy Hendricks

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Vendor Spotlight: A Junker's Journal

The Three Speckled Hens "Vendor Spotlight" blog series continues this week as we ramp up for a fantastic May 2 &3 2015 show in Paso Robles! Today we get to share with you the wonderful story of Sherri Spear of A Junker's Journal. Sherri is a genius when it comes to transforming what some may see as simple "junk" into beautiful treasures such as jewelry, lamps, furniture, and more. You can  follow Sherri on Instagram at #ajunkersjournal, on Facebook, or shop for her treasures on Etsy.


When did you first become interested in antiques and junking?
When I was a little girl I'd pretend I had shop where I sold things I loved. I also always dreamed of having my own home that I could decorate just the way I wanted it. Fast- forward a few years when I lived on my own for the first time... I had big ideas and a tiny budget. I shopped flea markets and garage sales, often needing to rewire lamps and refinish furniture. I brushed up on my sewing skills and made all my own soft furnishings. It's hard to believe I've been at this for over 30 years!  It started with projects for myself, family and friends...wish I had photos of some of my earlier transformations, like the homebuilt farm truck bunk bed that I bought from a friend and transformed into a tug boat for my son's room.  

How did you learn the "tricks of the trade"? 
About 15 years ago my husband, son, and I moved to Paso Robles. I was fortunate to be able to stay home and follow all the professional tradesmen around our house while it was being remodeled. In exchange for being a "laborer" I was able to learn so many new skills. That experience made me realize there isn't anything I can't do if I put my mind to it. Watching the transformation of our home made me realize that everything is worth saving and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I decided then to try to see the beauty in every "thing." My first project after the house remodel was a chair that my contractor had in the back of his truck to take to the dump. I just couldn't let him do it. As far as I know, that refinished rocking chair with its one-of-a-kind upholstery patchwork cushions still sits by the fireplace at Hollyhock Farms B&B. I do what I do now because I love the idea that I saved something that was headed to the dump, transformed it, and now it gets to have a new life in someone's home.  

How have you honed your creative style over the years?
I think the older I get the more I'm able to let go and just be creative. I have so many different things that I like to do but I would have to say that I'm currently into transforming things. I love to take things apart so although working with "junk" is not at all glamorous and comes with certain challenges, I like the fact that I've learned so much about how things go together just by deconstructing them. I like making "things" (like jewelry trees) out of lamps and other recycled materials, and lamps out of "things" (like shoe lasts and fire hose nozzles). I've always loved puzzles so I like taking things apart and rebuilding something completely different, like this antique organ keyboard table, or the screen door displays in my booth. Years ago, I made lots of decorative pillows that I would like to think of as "functional art" and still like to sew from time to time. And then there's jewelry. I took a jewelry making class in high school and a few years ago decided to get back into making jewelry that I would like to wear and now have made enough pieces to share.

Like I said, I dreamed of having my own little shop where I sold things I loved. So, Thank You Three Speckled Hens for letting me set up my little shop twice a year right here at home!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Vendor Spotlight: Through the Porthole

The countdown is on for our spring show, and believe us when we say this should be our best show yet!! Tickets are available on our website and today is the LAST day to get $2 off Early Bird Admission using the secret code EARLYBIRD. As you know we are expanding our venue space at the Paso Robles Event Center this year so that we can feature more fabulous vendors than ever before. This new layout will also include a dedicated area for our special wedding feature, “Something Old, Something New: A Vintage Wedding Showcase.” We have carefully been selecting from an incredible crop of talented antique dealers, and wanted to give you a preview by kicking off our spring 2015 Vendor Spotlight series! 

Leading up to our October 2014 show we featured vendor spotlight interviews with The Junk Girls and Uber Chic Home. Both of these amazing vendors will have booths again at our May 2-3 show. Today, we will be featuring a new sneak peek at yet another fabulous vendor, Through the Porthole.

Through the Porthole is a design inspired vintage shop looking to fill your homes with quality “vintique” furnishings and historic pieces. From the Los Angeles port area, this couple (Patrick & Rozana) sources items from Arkansas to San Francisco and everywhere in between. They have a passion for junk and everything vintage and they even host their own Antique Market in Long Beach called “The Junk Show.” Their passion for vintage treasures grew from a mutual distaste for mass-produced, low quality goods. There is no better replacement for cheap ‘made in china’ goods than some high quality vintage furnishings picked by the folks at Through the Porthole!

Your can find Through the Porthole on Facebook and follow them on Instagram to see even more photos of their signature “vintique” treasures.

See you at the show!
~Three Speckled Hens

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Show Tickets Now Available!

Tickets for our spring show are now available! We can't wait to see you in Paso Robles on May 2 & 3. We are excited to expand our show this year and will be featuring more fantastic dealers and food options than ever before! Tickets can be purchased online now for only $10 General Admission and $15 Early Bird Admission. Click Here to buy your tickets now, and visit our Website for more information.

**Early Bird Discount**


Are you a true Early Bird? If so, you won't want to miss this special deal! From April 1-7, enter the discount code EARLYBIRD at checkout to receive $2 off your Early Bird ticket purchases. That's right: only $13 per ticket for two whole days of show access, including special VIP entry on Saturday between 8:00-10:00 a.m.

See you at the show!