Friday, August 8, 2014

Start Planning your Girls' Getaway Weekend!

One of the things that just tickles our feathers is how many women make our show their biannual "Girls Weekend" getaway. We kid you not! We have had so many groups approach us at our shows and introduce themselves as BFF's or mothers and daughters (one family from Kansas and northern California meet here every fall) or just an assortment of friends who have shopping, junking and having fun in common.

  This last show we had a group of women who really pulled at our heart strings. They were all longtime friends, mainly from southern California, who share the distinction of being fairly young widows. They called our May 2014 show their first annual "Widows' Junking Weekend".  A great group of gals who put on their big girl panties and realized how important female friendships are and that they needed to take time out to celebrate their friendships, shop, relax, shop, drink a little wine and, of course, shop some more!  

We encourage you to grab your nearest and dearest gal pals and come see us for our October show! Save the weekend of October 4 & 5, make reservations, enjoy some of Paso's great restaurants in the evening and come back the next day to get some great deals before our vendors pack up to leave on Sunday.  Tickets will be on sale online starting September 1 on We look forward to meeting you and your girlfriends!

We are always up for a Girls Getaway!

The Hens,
Carrie, Kathy and Susi

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