Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Hens Go to Market

How many people does it take to create a fabulous weekend? You romantics will say two, but we know it takes about 140 dynamic dealers, a staff of 40 worker bees, over 7,000 ecstatic shoppers and 3 very tired, very thankful Speckled Hens. 
Once again we broke a record with the attendance at our October show! Your continued support and love of all things antique, vintage, repurposed, redesigned, and reimagined keeps us energized and continually striving to bring to you the best quality flea market in the West. Take a look at some of these gorgeous vendor displays and items found at the fall show!
One of the ways we Speckled Hens fuel our vision for the task of improving each show is to travel the country to attend other shows. We love being able to attend the Farm Chicks in Spokane, Goat Hill Fair in Santa Cruz, and we recently found the Vintage Country Flea Market in Willows, CA. One of our all-time favorites is Ki Nassauer’s Junk Bonanza in Minnesota and now in San Diego and Ridgefield, WA.

So what did these three exhausted Hens do three days after our October show? We flew to Portland, Oregon! We rented a large van at the airport and a darling 1920’s cottage in the Arts District of Portland. We made our prerequisite run to the grocery store (yogurt, yummy bread, coffee and munchies are a must) and then on to purchase the necessary ingredients for our nighttime cocktails! Our IT Chick and very good friend, Lettice, rounded out our group. It is so special to have a close group of friends to travel, shop and laugh with.
Next stop, Portland!

With that said, what happens on the road, stays on the road! We can share that we had an amazing time at the Junk Bonanza in Washington, bought a van full of wonderful finds, and ate Peruvian, Thai, German and Mexican cuisine (giant margaritas anyone?). We met amazing people all along the way, and we are already planning our next “work” trip! Enjoy some of our photos from this amazing junket.

Happy Hens with our friend Ki Nausser of Junk Bonanza
Hen Carrie scored one of these amazing night lights. 
We all loved the decorated cow skull!
We were fortunate enough to meet Matthew Mead,
a contributing editor to Country Living Magazine. 
We visited Kennedy Elementary School
which is now a McMenamin's Hotel!
The cafeteria was converted into a restaurant.
We made sure we never went hungry.
Pok Pok was worth the wait!
We never went thirsty either!
Our IT Chick taught us how to take selfies!

The ever fabulous Junk Girls hooked us up with their
friend, Robin, who had a warehouse and barn full of treasures!
Our van filled to the brim! 
Another great find was a darling couple who created a store
inside of their barn on an old apple farm. 

RED! One of our favorite colors! 
Sightseeing in Portland and Olympia, Washington.
Rooftop dining in the darling town of McMinnville, Oregon. 

Have an fantastic fall. Hug your loved ones. Be thankful for all you have. We are so very grateful for you, our amazing friends.
The Hens
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