Friday, December 19, 2014

Holiday Decorating Advice from Three Wise Hens

Are you decking the halls? Draping evergreens across your mantle? Stringing lights through your entryway foliage? Filling every vintage vase and tureen with chippy glass ornaments? In the spirit of the holiday, we Hens thought we would share some of our own inspiration! 

Kathy has always gone full bore on decorating. In year's past you could find her using everything in her ten bins of Christmas decorations to light up, repurpose and reuse every antique and vintage receptacle she owns, creating the overdone Christmas rooms that have always exuded holiday magic. However, this year she needed something more gentle. The Hens recently got together and gathered giant pinecones, Douglas fir and Monterey Pine boughs, and branches of bay laurel. Each of us used them to decorate our mantels and display them in soft, warm, natural ways.

Carrie, on the other hand, has always been drawn to the magic of Santa's helpers. She was decorating with elves long before 'Elf on a Shelf' became the rage! Her "collection" started with an innocent comment to an aunt many years ago, when she spotted her elf, sitting on her computer in February. Long story short, he didn't get packed with the Christmas stuff and he became CARRIE'S! So now, she collects vintage elves from her travels and loves putting them on her cabinet that holds her many pictures and family heirlooms. It is just the yang that makes her traditional Christmas decor a little more fun!

Then there's Susi. She's the junker of the group that turns one of a kind pieces into collections that look like they must be right out of a magazine! Everywhere you turn in her 100+ year-old farmhouse you find another piece of Christmas reminding you just what you loved about the holiday spirit. Her flare brings together the stories of the antique pieces with the styles of today's chic home decor!
We each took on the holidays in our own way this year. However, the most fun part was drawing inspiration from one another! As it is the season of giving we thought - why stop there? We've included some photos of our decorating this year with the hope we can provide our fans with some last minute inspiration before the big day.


In this hectic time of year remember, a little sparkle is always a plus but at the end of the day, the simplicity and beauty of nature is also very grounding during this bustling holiday season. Either way, glitz or plain greens, we know your homes reflect the beauty and peace of the season.